Trials on the Trails

Always be prepared for the unexpected.  I never go anywhere without at least one camera because you never know when you are going to get that perfect shot.  I took this shot a couple of years ago on Laurel Falls Trail. The bear had been foraging above the trail and was communicating that it wanted to cross to the other side of the trail. I took my camera out of my backpack and waited.  Sure enough, on queue she bolted across the trail right in front of a group of startled hikers. I hit the shutter at exactly the right moment – bear in full stride and hikers with mouths open in surprise.  Unfortunately my camera had been stored in my backpack next to my water bottle.  My COLD, SWEATING water bottle.  When I removed it from the pack, the lens immediately fogged up.  I never noticed since the point and shoot doesn’t have a view finder.  By the time I got home and viewed the picture, the storyline changed dramatically.  “It was a cool-very foggy day when this bear…”

Bear in the Fog