Black and White

I was first introduced to serious photography back in the 70’s when I took Intro to Photography my freshman year in college. This was well before the age of digital cameras. I found myself shooting a whole roll of film, then waiting patiently in the darkroom as the developer and fixer worked their miracle. Then I could get a glimpse of my work in the small 35 mm negative format.  If I really wanted to see what I had,  I needed to spend more time in the darkroom printing the negative on paper.  In those days I shot exclusively in black and white because I couldn’t afford the lab fees for color. As time went on and I developed my skills I fell in love with black and white. It was an art getting the tones and contrast just perfect. Then the digital age hit and all but destroyed the art of black and white. Digital is instant and forgiving. You can take 1,000’s of pictures and never waste a penny on spent film or over exposed paper. Digital is Instant Gratification.

Just when I thought all was lost I started exploring the possibilities of Photoshop. It’s not like the hours spent in the dark under the glow of a red lamp, but there is an art to creating a warm and inviting black and white print under the blue glow of a monitor.  And to get it right, it takes experimentation and an artful touch.

The best part of all is I have a blog to share my art with anyone who happens to stumble upon it.


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