Weekend Hike…

Weekends are always great times to hike, but springtime, holiday weekends just scream for a walk in the park. Even better when you can bring along family. This time my two grandsons and son-in-law accompanied me on this adventure. We found a perfect rugged seldom used waterfall hike. It didn’t take long for me to realize that on this hike, I would be the one having to “catch up.” My idea of mountain hiking is to pace myself and stop often to take pictures or just take in the view. The two youngsters on the other hand had a different method. Theirs was to race up the trail, then stop, wait impatiently for Pop to “catch up”, then race up the trail again daring the old man to keep pace. It was a great hike, the waterfall was spectacular, but alas I didn’t get nearly as many pictures taken as I had intended. The next hike is only a week away.

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